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Shipping & Return

Shipping cost will vary based on the order and location of delivery. We use third-party shipping couriers to determine your ship rate.

Estimated* transit times with Canpar once an order leaves our warehouse:

British Columbia and Alberta - one to two business days in most cases

Saskatchewan - Estimated one to two business days 

Manitoba - Estimated three business days

Ontario and Quebec – Estimated four to six business days 

Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick & Nova Scotia - Estimated three to four business days 

Newfoundland and Labrador - Estimated four to five business days

Your order will ship 1-2 days after its been placed. The package will be processed and picked up at our warehouse in Richmond B.C.

To return an item, please review our refund policy first before sending us an email. If your refund request is within our guidelines, please send us an email and we will guide you along to arrange for the return of the order. If we receive your refund, and it does not meet our guidelines, we will follow up with you to proceed to your next available options.

Our return policy is 14 days after you have received the order. The item has not must been used. Resalable, and re-packaged back to its original condition.

The return policy does not include our FINAL SALE items.

We are now shipping in Canada and U.S Markets only.

We use Canpar/UPS as the third-party courier for your packages. All courier related questions should be directed to Canpar.

If the order has not been handed off to the courier yet, your order is still available for cancellation.

If the order is in transit and you would like to cancel it. You’re responsible for the returning charges for the package to be returned to us.

For cancellations, please notify us immediately to avoid order complications.

General FAQs

Yes, if you’re a reseller, please contact us directly and we will have a sales representative reach out to you.

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